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Applicable Territory: Arizona, USA
Standard: Mandatory

Pre-empted by the U.S. Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007 (H.R.6)

Arizona State Legislature
Southwest Energy Efficiency Project
CEC Appliance Efficiency Regulations Rule Making Page

In 2005, Arizona adopted minimum efficiency standards from the California Energy Commission for 12 products, including single voltage external AC-DC power supplies, not covered by federal standards.

Arizona’s Appliance and Equipment Efficiency Standards (Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 44, Section 1375) set minimum energy efficiency standards for twelve products, four of which are not currently preempted by federal standards. The Standards apply to the following types of new products sold, offered for sale or installed in Arizona: (Dates listed in parenthesis signify the effective date.)

  1. Automatic commercial icemakers* (2008)
  2. Metal halide lamp fixtures (2008)
  3. Single voltage external power supplies (2008)
  4. Unit heaters* (2008)

* Will be implemented for some time until federal standards take place.

Specific testing requirements and minimum standards are outlined in the regulations. Manufacturers must certify to the Arizona Department of Commerce Energy Office that products meet minimum efficiency standards. Certification to other states with similar standards that publish databases of compliant products is permitted as an alternative to certifying to the Arizona Department of Commerce Energy Office. New products manufactured in Arizona and sold outside the State are not covered by the regulations. Additionally, the regulations do not apply to products installed in mobile manufactured homes at time of construction, products designed exclusively for installation and use in recreational vehicles, and products installed in a laundry facility located within an apartment complex or mobile home park.

The regulations apply beginning January 1, 2008. The standards stipulate that beginning on May 31, 2008, and every three years thereafter, the Arizona Department of Commerce Energy Office must conduct a comparative review and assessment of the standards and energy efficiency standards adopted in other states and submit a report of its findings and recommendations to the speaker of the house of representatives and president of the senate.

Source: Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency


Effective Date

Performance Requirements

Nameplate Power Output (Pno)

No-Load Power

Nameplate Power Output (Pno)

Average Active Efficiency


Arizona: January 1, 2008 (mandatory)

0 to < 10W

10 to 250W

≤ 0.5W

≤ 0.75W

0 to 1W

> 1 to 49W

> 49 to 250W

≥ 0.49 x Pno

≥ 0.09 x Ln(Pno) + 0.49

≥ 0.84

Where Pno is the Nameplate Output Power of the unit under test. Ln refers to the natural logarithm.

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