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Phihong is committed to providing the complete information you need to install and manage our best-in-class midspans. We thank you for your interest in our PoE power products.

For technical issues, including questions about previous versions of our POE GUI Software, please contact us at For more information, you may also go to

PoE Firmware  (for use with/without all versions of SNMP)
POE806U-AT Firmware (rev. 1.2)
POE370 Series Firmware (Rev. 3.3)
POE576U AT Series Firmware (Rev. 1.4)
POE576U AFAT Series Firmware (Rev. 1.4)
POE125U Series Firmware (Rev. 2.5)

PoE Midspan GUI (for all versions of SNMP: IEEE802.3af/at midspans)
Phihong Midspan POE GUI Installation (v.1.0) (Windows XP/Vista/7)
Phihong Midspan POE GUI User Manual (v.1.2)
SNMP MIB (2/20/2008) (for IEEE802.3af/at midspans with SNMPv2 or v3)

PoE Midspan for SNMPv2
SNMPv2 User Manual (Rev. 3.2)
GUI Installation for POE370U (rev.2.3) (Windows XP only)
GUI Installation for POE576U (rev.1.1) (Windows XP only)
Ethernet Management Tool (Windows XP only)

SNMPv2 Firmware
SNMPv2 Firmware and Upload Program (v. 2/20/08) (Windows XP/Vista/7)

SNMPv3 Firmware
SNMPv3 Firmware (Rev. 9/23/10)
Certificate Software for SNMPv3 SSL/TLS Option

SNMPv2C Firmware
SNMPv2c Firmware* (v.1.7)
SNMPv2c User Manual (Rev. 1.6)
SNMPv2c MIB (rev. 10/30/09)

User Manuals
Multiport Midspan Installation Manual
POE14 User Manual
POE21-120F User Manual
POE21-120H User Manual
POE16S-1AFG User Manual
POE60S-4AF User Manual
POE61S-4AF User Manual

15.4W/port Products
30W/port Products
60W/port Products
95W/port Products
Extender and Accessories

Other links
PoE Equipment Compatibility Guide
IEEE 802.3af standard
IEEE 802.3at standard (latest activity)

*This firmware may be used for the following products: POE75U-1UPN, POE125U-4ATN, POE240-2MPN, POE240U-4UPN, POE576U-8UPN, POE576U-4MPN, and POE806U-8MPN..

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