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LED lighting controls for fixture manufacturers

We build these controls for your fixtures

Phihong’s LED lighting control technology for lighting fixtures gives you more control over your light. With the industry’s most efficient LED drivers and control platforms that can be customized to your specification, Phihong will develop the exact lighting fixture control architecture you want. Contact Phihong to discuss how our lighting controls give your fixtures more control over light.

Model Description
PDA-DALI Dimming control Module for Dali Protocol
PDA-DIM10A Touch Dimming Control Module
PDA-DIM2A5 Touch Dimming Control Module
PDA-DIM3A0 0-10V Retrofit Dimming Module
PDA-ILIGHT Daylight Harvesting and Motion Detection
PDA-LUMEN Lumen Maintenance Module
PDA-PMD Bi-Level Dimming Module
PDA-SURGE Surge Protection Module
PDA-SURGE-P Surge Protection Module IP67
PDA-WIFI Wireless Dimming Module

Wireless Control

Phihong’s wireless lighting controls include the LED Driver with an on-board wireless access point for lighting fixture control. Fixtures are controlled via encrypted signals from a central control or via a GUI using a netbook, tablet or smartphone.

Touch Control

Fixtures are controlled via encrypted signals from a wall-mounted wireless touch switch or a wireless remote control.

Daylight Dimming

Phihong has drivers with an optical sensor input to measure the ambient light in a room. The LED driver in the light fixture auto dims to maintain constant illumination while saving power.

Bi-level Dimming

Phihong’s bi-level dimming LED driver enables fixture light output to be at 100% or 50%. These drivers enable retrofit into commercial installations with bi-level dimming for energy savings.