Phihong has Midspan power solutions that address 4 different power levels:

IEEE802.3af (15.4W/port)

The current IEEE802.3af standard for Power-over-Ethernet, was formally approved in 2003, defining PoE applications requiring up to 12.95W of power. With this specification, users were no longer locked into one brand of equipment and experienced fewer equipment problems and hazardous situations caused by non-compliant products. The standard facilitates interoperability, ensures power application only where appropriate, and mandates safety precautions and protection against faults in an installation.

IEEE802.3at PoE Plus (30W port)

With the expansion of PoE applications, the need for higher power has also grown. IEEE organized a task force, of which Phihong is a member, to evaluate these needs and define a new standard. IEEE802.3at standard, (PoE Plus) presently allows for 30W/port of power. Ratified in September 2009, Phihong has already developed many products that are already compliant to the new IEEE802.3at standard and deliver high-power PoE, benefiting applications such as wireless multi-radio access points, Pan Tilt Zoom security cameras, and IP phones with streaming video displays.

IEEE802.3bt PoE (60W-90W port)

With the expansion of high power, 4-pair powering PoE applications, Phihong has joined the IEEE task force to evaluate these needs and define a new standard called the IEEE802.3bt. With its expected release in Q1 of 2018, Phihong has already developed many products that are compliant to the new IEEE802.3bt standard. These high power PoE applications include wireless multi-radio access points, high power security cameras, computer workstations, and LCD display panels. Phihong bt products will be backwards compatible to the Phihong proprietary 12.5K detection handshake.

Ultra PoE (60-80W/port)

Even before the PoE Plus standard was approved in 2009, users were demanding applications that require more than 30W of power per port, such as computer workstations, LCD display panels, and WAP arrays, Other emerging applications, including emergency lighting security system sensors, and even medical monitoring, will greatly benefit from combining data and centralized backup power. Phihong’s Ultra PoE products can deliver from 60W to 80W per port with the same protection and safety precautions as standard PoE.

Mega PoE (95W/port)

As networks become larger and more complicated, users need more power from their midspans. To meet these demands Phihong is proud to introduce Mega PoE which is the most powerful line of products in the current marketplace. With taking future firmware updates into account, users will need more years from their midspans. Software updates with changes in the market and being able to adapt to it as smoothly as possible is key, and Mega PoE is the most cost effective method for upgrading network capability.

Extenders and Accessories

Extend your network beyond 100 meters. According to the IEEE, data transfer beyond 100 meters is neither standard nor recommended as it will lead to data disintegration, but Phihong has developed a series of extenders capable of expanding a PoE network’s reach that complies with the IEEE standard and does not require having to move the midspan’s communication cabinet. Users may now power equipment up to 200 meters (over 650feet) away from a network switch making it ideal for large facilities including auditoriums, sports arenas and warehouses.

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