Market Research Analyst

Location: Northern California


  • Formulate data collection methodology and implement analytical model based on defined parameters to organize data and generate analytical reports, such as market condition analysis, competitor and vendor evaluation, pricing trends, product positioning, production planning, inventory management, order processing, and customer preference study, applying quantitative methodology and using computer;

  • Organize research data to plan and implement computerized MRP (Material Request Planning) and JIT (Just-in Time) systems, and to assist in the development of short term and long term business strategies to promote company's product, and strengthen relationship with customers/vendors;

  • Collect data on customer preferences and prepare reports and graphic illustrations of findings;

  • Conduct marketable effectiveness reviews, such as survey and test on prices, sales, and competitors and assist management to devise most efficient marketing strategy for company;

  • Make suggestions on the distribution, promotion, design and pricing of products by analyzing the marketing information.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics or Statistics with coursework of quantitative analysis, information systems, and statistics;

  • Six months work or intern experience in market research using computer software and applications to support report development, such as SQL, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, Statistical Modeling Software.

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