Electronics Design Engineer

Location: Northern California


  • Analyze, model, simulate, design and develop switching power supplies for our customers.
  • Design as well as develop new generation of cost-effective ac/dc, dc/dc, dc/ac, and ac/ac conversion circuits with superior performance.
  • Design and develop single and poly-phase high-frequency, switch-mode off-line converters and inverters that exhibit superior efficiency, high power density, and high reliability.
  • Design and develop the low-voltage/high-current circuits for the next generation of microprocessors.
  • Involve in the design and development of power conversion circuits for portable electronics, and work on the development on various electronic ballast circuits and other lighting circuits.
  • BS in Electronic Engineering and two (2) years experience in switching power supply design and development and demonstrate the ability of theoretical and practical application of electrical engineering, electronics, circuits, systems, design and logic.