Electronics Engineer

Location: Northern California

  • Design and develop conventional and non-conventional PCB for company’s power supply products.
  • Design, layout and review for a wide variety of electronics devices and products applying knowledge and principles of circuit design, layout, routing, timing constraints, impedance control, and crossing talk with an understanding of the electrical properties behind each of them;
  • Perform Design Rule Check (DRC) setup on the layout design, following Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Test (DFT) concepts, using PADs Power PCB and Altium designer PCB layout and Schematic software.
  • Perform magnetic component design and development, and support component manufacture.
Requirements: MSEE and one year experience in PCB assembly and manufacturing process, including assembly standard IPC-A- 610, SMT technology, soldering process, quality control and assurance; PCB circuit design; NPI, testing and troubleshooting.