Personal Electronics

Offering a broad range of solutions and services that enable you to reduce your cost and time to market, Phihong is the strategic partner you need when it comes to high-volume OEM programs.
Our global sales, manufacturing and R&D network provides localized service and just-in-time delivery, so you can rely on us for comprehensive turn-key in-box and accessory solutions to retail packaging and blister packing.
Whether it involves power, audio or data, Phihong has the solution and the ability to ramp up production when you need it.

International travel charger

  • Accessories or inbox
  • Worldwide compliance with limited SKUs

Fixed blade wall plug

  • Unregulated CC, CV
  • Custom connectors
  • Level VI and EU CoC Tier 2 Compliant

Cradles and docking stations

  • Charging
  • Spare battery charging
  • Data interface capability

Battery charger

  • Lithium ion/Lithium polymer chargers
  • Spare battery charging
  • AC or DC input
  • Auxiliary handset charging

Vehicle power adapter

  • High efficiency
  • Robust design
  • Compliant with European vehicle standards

Data cables

  • USB serial
  • Combination charging
  • Handset data cables
  • Proposition 65 compliant