OEM solutions for the power tool industry

Phihong has complete ODM design and manufacturing capabilities to produce electronic power modules and control sub-assemblies, inverters, job-site radios, lighting and fabric heating solutions. With strong research and development design capabilities and solid manufacturing experience, Phihong can also provide customized products based on your specific needs.

Modules and sub-assemblies

  • Electronic power & control sub-assemblies
  • Electrical assembly & testing
  • Potting & conformal coating


  • 100-4kW Sine and modified Sinewave
  • High peak currents for Motorstart
  • Robust designs for rugged environment


  • AM/FM & Digital radio
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • Digital Tick
  • Integrated charge & battery operation


  • ED high lumen
  • Battery charging and DC operation
  • Dimming and zone control
  • Remote control
  • Weatherproof

Fabric Heating

  • Patented safety & control
  • Temperature control
  • Safety protection
  • For outdoor clothing
  • Auto shutdown and extended battery operation
  • Washing machine tested