Phihong OEM/ODM Capabilities

Since 1972, Phihong has been the top choice by OEM’s and ODM’s throughout the world, for customized power solutions. Today over 90% of Phihong’s business comes from OEM and ODM customers within the Datacom, Telecom, Networking, Personal Electronics & Industrial markets.

Phihong’s OEM and ODM capabilities include:
• Simple rebranding of standard off the shelf Phihong product with customer’s logo.
• Electrical modifications to standard off the shelf Phihong product.
• Mechanical modifications to standard off the shelf Phihong product, including customized ID.
• Built to print jobs.
• Complete custom designs.

With over 600 Engineering resources spanning North America, Asia and Europe, Phihong has strong localized design teams ready to solve any power problem that you may have. In addition, each OEM and ODM project has a dedicated local Program Management to act as the liaison between the factory and the customer to provide real time answers to any business issue.

Today, all Phihong manufacturing is done at our own factories in Vietnam and China, providing our OEM and ODM customers with very cost competitive solutions and with tariff mitigation in the trade dispute between China and US.

Phihong’s global footprint combined with our ability to provide low cost manufacturing and strong localized technical support provides a unique dynamic to our OEM and ODM customers that allows us to provide quality solutions on time, to budget and to schedule.