ROHS Requirements

Dear Valued Phihong Customers:

Phihong would like to officially advise that all products manufactured since September 2006 (the 35th week) are fully compliant with “RoHS” requirements including the latest update “RoHS2” per EU directive 2011/65/EC, although many of our products have been compliant since early 2006. Please find more information about the new RoHS2 standard in the pdf below.

In the future, you may determine whether the product is RoHS compliant by observing the product’s date code. Below is an example date code. Any product with a date code that reads starting M636, I636, or C636 is RoHS compliant. This will help you assist your customers in determining whether the parts that they have are RoHS compliant.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Phihong USA Corporation