Adapter & Power Supplies Catalog

Welcome to Phihong’s Adapters & Power Supplies Catalog, a testament to our pioneering role in power electronics since 1972. With a commitment to innovation, we deliver top-notch solutions globally. Our extensive international presence, spanning North America, Europe, and Asia, positions us as a premier choice for OEMs serving diverse markets.

Embracing cutting-edge technology and continuous research and development, we assure our customers of timely delivery and products that exceed global efficiency and safety standards. Our catalog showcases a broad line of cost-competitive, highly efficient products, reinforcing our dominance in the power technology industry.

At Phihong, we understand the unique needs of OEMs, offering customized solutions—as shown in our Adapters & power supply catalog—through simple rebranding, electrical and mechanical modifications, built-to-print jobs, and complete custom designs. Our OEM/ODM capabilities cater to Datacom, Telecom, Networking, Personal Electronics, and Industrial markets, with over 90% of our business stemming from satisfied customers.

With over 600 engineering resources across North America, Asia, and Europe, our localized design teams are poised to tackle any power-related challenge. Each project is supported by dedicated local Program Management, ensuring real-time communication and issue resolution between the factory and the customer.

All Phihong manufacturing occurs in our own facilities in Vietnam and China, ensuring cost-competitive solutions and mitigating tariff and Geo-Political risks. Our global footprint, coupled with low-cost manufacturing and robust localized technical support, offers a unique dynamic to our OEM and ODM customers, enabling us to deliver quality solutions on time, within budget, and to schedule. We trust that you will find this Adapters & Power Supplies Catalog helpful in your search for power solutions tailored to your specific needs.

If you are a discerning OEM seeking a tailored power supply solution for your products, call Phihong TODAY. We commit to surpassing your current power supply manufacturer by prioritizing quality, efficiency, and reliability. You can Call: 510-445-0100 or email us here:

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