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Phihong's internal power supplies excel in industrial solutions, serving diverse needs with outputs from 150W to 240W. With over five decades in power supply, Phihong is a trusted leader, constantly innovating to meet industry demands.

Our Open Frame Internal PSU power supplies offer a Universal AC Input, ensuring compatibility with various electrical systems. Equipped with Active Boost PFC technology, they achieve high power factor (PF) and meet Harmonic current EN 61000-3-2 standards, minimizing energy waste for maximum efficiency.

Utilizing Class D, Half-Bridge ZVS topology, Phihong's power supplies reach up to 91% efficiency, ensuring top performance and energy savings. Designed to withstand tough environments, they operate flawlessly in temperatures from -10 to 70 degrees Celsius, perfect for industrial use.

Moreover, Phihong's Open Frame Internal PSU power supplies prioritize reliability, with an operational altitude of up to 5000 meters and a solid 5-year warranty. Whether for machinery, automation, or telecommunications, Phihong's power supplies offer consistent, dependable performance.

As industry pioneers, Phihong continues to innovate, providing advanced solutions that help businesses thrive in dynamic markets. For tailored solutions, partner with Phihong today. Contact us at 510-445-0100 or email us at

Innovation and adaptability come together to meet your unique product needs.

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24V 150W Open Frame Power Supply - Internal PSU 24V 150W Open Frame Power Supply - Internal PSU Open Frame / Internal PSU BI150-240A-R 150W 24V Learn more
240W Open Frame Power Supply - 24V - Industrial Grade 240W Open Frame Power Supply - 24V - Industrial Grade Open Frame / Internal PSU BI240-240A-R 240W 24V Learn more
65W 2 x 4" Open-Frame Series 65W 2 x 4 Open Frame / Internal PSU PSA065-120-R 65W 12V Learn more
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