Phihong is dedicated to transparency and compliance with environmental regulations, as demonstrated by our Certificate of Compliance and REACH Compliance Declaration. In adherence to REACH requirements, our products, including specific models listed, are meticulously crafted with consideration for substances such as Lead (CAS No. 7439-92-1, SVHC-19th).

Certain components, like copper alloy metal, high-temperature solder of plug pins, copper alloy wires, and diode products, may contain Lead. However, it’s crucial to note that this usage aligns with RoHS exemptions (2011/65/EU), specifically 6c (Lead as a copper alloy containing up to 4% lead by weight), 7a (Lead in high melting temperature type solders), and 7c-I (Electrical and electronic components containing lead in glass or ceramic parts).

Boron oxide (CAS No. 1303-86-2, SVHC-7th) is used in the internal part process (glass deformer) during capacitor electrode manufacturing. However, the final part does not retain this substance. Additionally, Methyl-4′-(methylthio)-2-morpholinopropiophenone (CAS No. 71868-10-5) is employed in the ink or Solder mask (Type: H-910) on the PCB or CAP, with its concentration limited to less than 0.1% in the printed form.

In accordance with the “Notification” of SVHC to ECHA, our commitment ensures that substances are present in components exceeding 1 ton per producer or importer annually. Furthermore, these substances are present in components with a concentration of 0.1% or above the article by weight.

Phihong proudly declares that our products meet EU REACH Annex XVII requirements. Specifically, for EU REACH SVHC, the substance of Lead (CAS No. 7439-92-1, SVHC-19th) is limited to over 0.1% (SVHC/component, w/w) and is utilized in plug pins, copper alloy wires, and diodes within each component in our products. This declaration reflects our ongoing commitment to compliance, sustainability, and environmental responsibility in our manufacturing processes.

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