Desktop Adapter Installation Manual

Phihong’s Desktop Adapters, ranging from 15W to 300W (Models: AA, PPL, PSA, PSAA, PSAC, PSC, PSM), offer versatile power solutions. The Desktop Adapter Installation Manual provides a comprehensive guide to ensure a secure and efficient setup.

Installation Steps:

  1. Pre-Installation Checks: Before attaching the DC plug to equipment, unplug the adapter from AC power. Verify that the output connector, polarity, voltage, and current align with the equipment’s specifications.
  2. Linkage and Connection: Keep the linkage between the adapter and its power cord tight. Connect the DC plug to the device securely, holding both the plug and device during connection.
  3. Cable Protection: Safeguard input and output cables against mechanical stress and potential trampling.
  4. Ventilation and Clearance: Ensure proper device ventilation during use to prevent overheating. Maintain a 10-15cm clearance from other heat sources.
  5. Power Cord Standards: Use an approved power cord equal to or greater than SVT/SPT or H03VV-F for electrical safety.
  6. Long-Term Storage Precaution: If the end equipment won’t be used for an extended period, disconnect it from the power supply to prevent damage from voltage peaks or lightning strikes.
  7. Additional Information: For detailed product information, users can refer to


  • Electrical Hazards: There’s a risk of electrical shock and energy hazards. In case of failures, consult a qualified technician instead of attempting self-fixing by removing the adapter case.
  • Fire and Electrical Shock Risks: Protect openings from foreign objects or liquids to avoid fire or electrical shock.
  • DC Plug Compatibility: Using the wrong DC plug or forcing it into an electronic device may cause damage or malfunction. Refer to the DC plug compatibility information in the datasheets.
  • Surface Placement: Adapters should be placed on a reliable surface to avoid damage from drops or falls.
  • Environmental Considerations: Avoid placing adapters in damp environments or near water sources. Keep them away from high ambient temperatures or heat sources.
  • Compliance with Rated Values: Ensure that the output current and wattage do not exceed the rated values specified in the datasheets.
  • Safety during Cleaning: Disconnect the unit from AC power before cleaning. Use a slightly damp cloth for wiping, avoiding liquid detergents or aerosol cleaners.
  • Proper Disposal: When disposing of the product, contact a local qualified recycler to adhere to environmental guidelines.
  • FCC Compliance: The device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules, ensuring minimal interference and accepting any received interference without compromising operation.

Phihong’s Desktop Adapter Installation Manual prioritizes user safety and product longevity, providing clear instructions for a secure and reliable power solution setup.

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