POE14 User Manual

Phihong’s POE14 User Manual provides a detailed and user-friendly guide for optimizing the performance of the Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) injector model POE14. The manual, accessible at POE14_user_manual.pdf, focuses on the installation sequence, benefits of using PoE, and addresses common questions regarding PoE technology.

Installation Sequence: The manual guides users through a step-by-step installation process, ensuring a seamless setup of the POE14 injector. From connecting the PoE In to the midspan and PoE Out to the input RJ45 jack on the device to connecting the DC Power cable to the battery on the powered device, each step is clearly outlined. The manual also emphasizes the importance of allowing a few moments for the Green LED to illuminate, indicating a successful connection.

Benefits of Using PoE: The document highlights the advantages of Power over Ethernet, emphasizing its suitability for users aiming to expand and extend the capabilities of existing network switches. PoE simplifies remote installations, eliminating the need for extensive AC wiring, and offers flexibility in adapting to different international power standards. The technology is well-suited for applications like security scenarios, providing a cost-effective solution for devices such as door access keypads with battery backup during power events.

Distance Limitations and IEEE Standards: The manual explains the 100-meter limitation of PoE, clarifying that power can be transmitted over longer distances but is not guaranteed or recommended beyond 100 meters. It distinguishes between IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at standards, providing insights into the voltage range and maximum output of each standard. The POE14-137 is confirmed to be compliant with IEEE802.3af standards.

Charging Batteries with DC Output Power: The document addresses the specific capability of the POE14-137 to charge 12V batteries for backup usage, making it suitable for emergency situations where continuous power is critical.

Compatibility and Installation Tips: Users are assured of the “plug and play” nature of Phihong PoE splitter technology, emphasizing that no software or firmware installations are required. The manual recommends professional installation if any issues arise. Additionally, it provides guidance on where to install the PoE Splitter and confirms its compatibility with non-PoE ready equipment.

The POE14 User Manual serves as a comprehensive resource, ensuring that users can harness the full potential of their PoE injectors with confidence and efficiency. For additional information and inquiries, users are directed to contact Phihong Sales through the provided contact information on

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