POE16S-1AFG User Manual

Phihong’s POE16S-1AFG User Manual is a comprehensive guide offering key insights into the features and functionality of the POE16S-1AFG PoE extender. Tailored to users seeking an efficient solution to extend the Power over Ethernet (PoE) range, the manual underscores PoE benefits, installation processes, and addresses common PoE technology queries.

Key Benefits: Highlighting the advantages of Power over Ethernet, the manual emphasizes its role in enhancing existing network switch capabilities. Utilizing standard Category 5 or better Ethernet cables, PoE facilitates the seamless transfer of both data and power to remote locations, eliminating the need for extensive wiring.

Extending PoE Range: The POE16S-1AFG acts as a powerful extender, doubling the effective PoE range to 200 meters. By drawing power from an IEEE802.3at PoE Plus device and adjusting the output to be IEEE802.3af compatible, users can achieve extended reach without the need for costly rewiring or communication closet relocation.

Plug-and-Play Design: Emphasizing a user-friendly design, the manual highlights the plug-and-play nature of the POE16S-1AFG. The installation sequence is streamlined, involving connecting the PoE In to the midspan and the PoE Out to the designated device. Detailed LED indicators aid in quick issue diagnosis, ensuring a smooth setup process.

Compatibility and Use Cases: Described as compatible with IEEE802.3af devices, including security cameras and sensors, the POE16S-1AFG manual provides specific details about input and output power, Ethernet cable requirements, and dimensions.

Benefits of PoE Technology: Reiterating PoE’s broader benefits, the manual emphasizes its flexibility in handling power events, such as surges or brownouts. PoE’s adaptability to various international power standards is highlighted, offering users a universal solution for powering remote devices.

Distance Limitations and IEEE Standards: The manual clarifies the 100-meter limitation of PoE and addresses power dissipation over distances. It distinguishes between IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at standards, confirming the POE16S-1AFG’s compliance with both standards.

Use Cases and Professional Installation: Discussions include connecting multiple devices to extend reach beyond 200 meters and the recommendation for professional installation to address potential faults. The device’s role in extending data only is emphasized, acting as a data repeater to 200 meters.

Fault Sequence and Troubleshooting: In case of faults, the user manual provides a sequence of LED indicators, codes, and troubleshooting tips for quick issue identification and resolution.

In conclusion, the Phihong POE16S-1AFG User Manual serves as a valuable resource, providing users with detailed insights into maximizing the potential of their PoE extenders. For additional information and inquiries, users are directed to contact Phihong Sales through the provided contact information on

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