POE21-120F User Manual

Phihong’s POE21-120F User Manual provides a comprehensive overview of the features and functionalities of the POE21-120F PoE splitter, emphasizing its role in extending Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities to non-PoE devices.

Overview of PoE Technology: The manual begins by highlighting the advent of Power over Ethernet as an IEEE standard in 2003, enabling the simultaneous transmission of power and data over an Ethernet network. This innovation minimizes the need for extensive wiring and power outlets, offering practical and aesthetic benefits.

Introducing the POE21-120F Solution: Phihong addresses the challenge of integrating non-PoE equipment into a PoE network with the POE21-120F. This compact device connects to the network, splitting the power into a 21W DC cable and providing 30W of continuous PoE to the connected device. Specifically designed for Ultra or Mega PoE (60W or greater), the POE21-120F caters to end devices requiring additional accessories, such as pan/tilt/zoom cameras with heaters or illuminators.

Installation and Connection: The manual provides an installation sequence without delving into specific installation details. Users are instructed to connect the POE21-120F to the network switch or Ultra/Mega PoE midspan using Category 5 or 6 Ethernet cables. The device splits the PoE into a 21W DC cable and 30W of power and data, allowing for a simplified, single-cable setup.

Compatibility and Output Details: Emphasizing compatibility with standard Category 3, 5, or 6 cables, the POE21-120F accepts power from Ultra or Mega PoE midspan/power injectors. The manual details the output power, Ethernet categories, input/output connectors, and dimensions of the device, ensuring users are informed about the technical specifications.

Benefits of PoE Technology: Reiterating the broader benefits of PoE technology, the manual underscores its suitability for users aiming to expand and enhance existing network switches. PoE’s use of standard cables facilitates easy changes to remote locations without extensive wiring, and its universal power standards provide adaptability to various international standards.

Distance Limitations and IEEE Standards: The manual clarifies the 100-meter limitation of PoE, explaining power dissipation and the need for extenders for distances exceeding 100 meters. It distinguishes between IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at standards, confirming the POE21-120F’s compliance with the latter.

Troubleshooting and Professional Installation: While addressing potential user queries, the manual briefly touches on the need for professional installation in case of issues. It provides insights into troubleshooting if the POE21-120F doesn’t power the device, emphasizing the compatibility requirement with Phihong’s Ultra or Mega PoE.

Conclusion and Further Inquiries: In conclusion, the Phihong POE21-120F User Manual serves as an informative resource, offering users insights into maximizing PoE capabilities for non-PoE devices. For additional information and inquiries, users are encouraged to contact Phihong Sales through the provided contact information on

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