POE21-120H User Manual

The POE21-120H User Manual by Phihong delves into the capabilities of the POE21-120H PoE splitter, designed to address the growing complexity of security applications and the need to power multiple devices efficiently through a single Ethernet cable.

Meeting the Challenge: As PoE networks expand, the manual begins by acknowledging the practicality and cost-effectiveness of powering multiple devices with a single Ethernet cable. Phihong introduces the POE21-120H as the latest addition to its series of 21W splitters, emphasizing its ability to simultaneously power a fixed PoE camera (up to 10W) and an accessory illuminator or heater (up to 12W at 12V DC). This eliminates the need for expensive electrical rewiring, enabling users to bring power to locations without existing AC power outlets.

Operational Details: The manual provides a breakdown of the POE21-120H’s operation, powered by a Phihong IEEE802.3at PoE Plus midspan, such as the POE36U-1AT. It highlights the device’s ability to split the 33.6W power into a 12W DC current for the accessory device and continue PoE at 10W over the output Ethernet cable. The unit operates with standard Category 5 or above Ethernet cables, and users are cautioned that it functions exclusively with Phihong power injectors that are IEEE802.3at compliant.

Installation Sequence: While not delving into specific installation steps, the manual outlines a sequence involving connecting the POE21-120H to the Phihong PoE Plus midspan, inserting the DC power cable, and waiting for the Green LED to assure successful connections.

Technical Specifications: The manual provides essential technical details, including output power, Ethernet categories, input/output connectors, safety certifications, dimensions, and weight of the POE21-120H. It emphasizes the standard 12V DC output voltage and the necessity for users to be aware of their powered device’s requirements.

Benefits of PoE Technology: Reiterating the broader benefits of Power over Ethernet, the manual underscores its suitability for users looking to expand and enhance their existing network switches. PoE’s reliance on standard cables enables easy changes to remote locations without extensive wiring, while its universal power standards offer adaptability to various international standards.

Distance Limitations and IEEE Standards: The manual explains the 100-meter limitation of PoE, addressing power dissipation across distances. It distinguishes between IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at standards, confirming the POE21-120H’s compliance with the latter.

Troubleshooting and Professional Installation: Briefly addressing potential issues, the manual provides guidance on troubleshooting if the POE21-120H fails to power the device. It emphasizes the need for a Phihong PoE Plus midspan with an output of 33.6W and recommends professional installation for any arising issues.

Conclusion and Further Inquiries: Concluding the overview, the POE21-120H user manual positions the POE21-120H as an essential solution for powering multiple security devices efficiently. Users are encouraged to contact Phihong Sales for additional information or inquiries, with contact details available on

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