POE61S-4AF User Manual

The POE61S-4AF User Manual provides comprehensive information on the external extender developed by Phihong to enhance Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities for security applications. Emphasizing the seamless transition to PoE for cost-effective and energy-efficient powering of devices, the manual delves into the specific features and functionalities of the POE61S-4AF.

Key Features and Design: The manual highlights the key features of the POE61S-4AF, presenting it as an external extender that allows powered devices to operate up to 200 meters from a network switch. It emphasizes the device’s ability to convert power from an Ultra (75W) or Mega (95W) PoE source to an IEEE802.3af compatible 15.4W per port, facilitating the powering of four compliant devices from a single Ethernet cable.

Set-Up and Installation: An illustrative set-up diagram is provided, showcasing the connection between the network switch, the POE61S-4AF, and end devices. The manual briefly touches on additional components such as conduit piping and a bracket mount for installation on fixed surfaces. The plug-and-play design is highlighted, emphasizing that the unit is ready to operate without firmware uploads, software installations, or remote access.

Installation Sequence and Troubleshooting: The manual provides a concise installation sequence, guiding users on connecting the device to an Ultra PoE midspan and ensuring proper data and power connectivity. LED indicators for power and data transmission status are explained, aiding users in troubleshooting potential faults.

Technical Specifications: Detailed technical specifications are provided, offering essential information on input and output power, compatibility with Ethernet cables, dimensions, weight, and operating temperature. This data enables users to make informed decisions based on their specific requirements.

Benefits of PoE: A section on the benefits of PoE is included, emphasizing its suitability for users looking to expand and extend the capabilities of existing network switches. The universal compatibility and flexibility of PoE power standards are highlighted.

Limitation and Usage Recommendations: The manual addresses the limitation of PoE transmission to 100 meters and recommends the use of Ethernet extenders like the POE61S-4AF for longer distances. It explains why the device requires an Ultra or Mega PoE power injector for operation.

Outdoor Use and Configuration: Specific information about the suitability of the POE61S-4AF for outdoor use, with an IP67 waterproof rating, is provided. The manual also clarifies that no special network configuration is required, and the device acts as an extender and switch without affecting existing network applications.

Expansion and Compatibility: The manual touches on the possibility of extending the reach of PoE by adding multiple devices and introduces the POE16S-1AFG extender. It mentions that the device should not be connected to another POE61S-4AF or POE60S-4AF due to internal signature resistance requirements.

FAQs and Contact Information: Commonly asked questions are addressed, and users are encouraged to contact Phihong Sales for further information. The manual also provides contact details for user inquiries.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the POE61S-4AF User Manual serves as a comprehensive guide, offering users detailed insights into the device’s features, set-up, technical specifications, and usage recommendations. The document empowers users to make informed decisions and deploy the POE61S-4AF effectively in their security networking applications.

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