SNMPv2c User Manual

The SNMPv2c User Manual for Phihong’s midspans provides comprehensive information on monitoring and controlling the port status of Power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors. The manual covers various aspects, including hardware setup, safety procedures, SNMP configurations, and system tools. Below is a 400-word summary of the key contents:

Phihong’s midspans are PoE injectors providing power options ranging from 15.4W to 95W per port. The SNMPv2c protocol enables users to monitor and control port status through an internet browser, connecting the midspan to a management computer. Users can manage functions such as remote reset of powered devices. Connection to the midspan can be established using DHCP for dynamic hostname and IP address or a static IP address chosen by the user. Compatible browsers include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

Default login credentials are provided, with the default username and password both set to “admin.” The default read-only community string is “Phihong_read_only,” and users can enter “Phihong” for the read-write community field. The management interface offers tools for port control (on/off), changing access strings, setting IP addresses dynamically or statically, and configuring SNMPv2C TRAPs triggered by changes in port status. Regularly checking Phihong’s website for firmware updates is recommended.

The manual emphasizes safety procedures, including installation precautions, temperature considerations, and avoiding lightning activity during maintenance. It provides instructions for physical hardware appearance, connecting Ethernet cables for single and multi-port models, and powering up the midspan. Rack mounting options for multiport units and power cord requirements for different regions are detailed.

For SNMP protocol-based monitoring and control, the manual introduces the SNMPv2c MIB (Management Information Base), providing OIDs (Object Identifiers), names, types, values, and descriptions. Users are guided on using SNMP consoles, with emphasis on the MG-SOFT MIB browser for reference.

In summary, the SNMPv2c User Manual for Phihong’s midspans serves as a comprehensive guide, covering hardware setup, safety procedures, HTTP and SNMP-based monitoring and control, and detailed technical specifications. Users are encouraged to follow safety guidelines, regularly check for firmware updates, and utilize SNMP for effective network management.

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