Location: Northern California

  • Plan and develop logistic work flow, with a goal to reduce waste, and optimize inventory levels
  • Identify problems through analysis, creating sustainable solutions, and collaborating and assisting management on logistic strategies; Areas of concentration include commodity strategy, supply chain metrics, logistics and inventory management
  • Establish changes to policies, procedures and guidelines to drive Logistics Excellence
  • Develop control measures and analytical tools to assist management in continuous improvement/ cost savings decision and shipping demands
  • Devise most efficient techniques to manage and control inventory levels, forecast errors, maintain MRP parameters, reduce freight expense and satisfy fluctuations in customer demand
  • Design techniques to accomplish the successful execution of improvement of the logistic process, this would involve reviewing and analyzing on sales, marketing, service/ warranty and procurement to ensure the supply chain forecast is properly aligned
  • Master’s degree in Global Logistics/Supply Chain Management with course work or projects in Applied Analytics, Logistics, Global, & Economic Development, Supply Chain Management, and Supply Chain Cost/Design
  • Proficient with the tools of MS‐Excel